My Tikiri Garden – Study Pack


This vegetable growing Kit will let your child get their hands dirty, grow vegetables in a little garden, make their veggie friends and learn how to grow.

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Help your kids to love nature.

Gift something invaluable to your loving kid which can be invested in the garden. “My Tikiri Garden learning kit” has carefully designed to improve your little one’s soft skills, creativeness, knowledge, attitudes and practical exposure to the gardening which helps to reach out children from digital screens to nature.

Providing an own garden to look after teaches them about caring for others life and understanding the responsibility that comes with it. Moreover, taking care of an own garden give them a lot of fun and excitement when seeds are sprouting, growing tiny plants into bigger plants, flowering, fruiting and especially knowing that he/she helped plants to get there.

As a parent/guardian, you can assist your kid to follow up exercises in the milestone record book in parallel to the daily nursery activities, help them to understand each exercise and enjoy planting dice game. These exercises will strategically teach your kid on principles behind successful plant & nursery management and importance of environmental factors such as sunlight, water, plant nutrients, pests and diseases for better plant life.

You can interact with your little one while encouraging him/her to get together with friends and family for better planting experience. Further, you can take photos of your kid’s Tikiri Garden activities and share with us via “Agsmart Kids” Facebook group. When your little one completes the first growing journey, you can order a Tikiri Garden refill kit via

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