Smart Agricultural Developments

Smart agricultural development segment is a new business segment focus on providing experience of recently developed agricultural technologies to local farmers. These products and services are targeting small, medium and large scale commercial cultivators and home garden sector.

Key segments of Agsmart smart Agricultural developments include online agri input supply services and educational gardening kits for children.

You will be experiencing value added products combined with service through Agsmart smart agriculture development. Thus, it won’t be another product but a solution for your requirement.

Online Agri Input Supply Service

You will be able to buy our high quality agi inputs including seeds, crop protection and plant health products, tools and equipment bundle with value added services through our online agri input supply services.
Educational Gardening Kits for Children

Introducing Educational gardening kit is focus on providing children an awesome experience in home gardening along with hands on experience in caring plants while gaining knowledge through continues interaction with plants. Interactive learning kits will help your child to gain knowledge and develop their interest on grow their own food and loving nature.